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Producent: ALPHATECH
Kod produktu: 8131-95726
Dostępność: brak towaru


Domofon ALPHATECH SLIM IP 01 (1 przycisk)

ALPHATECH uzupełnia swoje portfolio produktów poprzez nowej generacji Domofon oparty na protokole SIP. Domofon ALPHATECH SLIM IP 01 kompatybilny jest z następującymi serwerami PBX: 3CX, Aastra NeXspan, Alcatel,OmniPCX, Asterisk, Avaya,AVMFritz!Box,CiscoCallManager,Gigasetpro,IPCortex,Karel,IPv50,Mitel,Nortel,Panasonic,Quadro Epygi,SARK,Snom ONE,SWYX


Cechy Domofonu ALPHATECH SLIM IP 01 (1 przycisk)

  • Gwarancja: 24 miesiące
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) - compatible with 10Mbit/s, 100Mbit/s, 1Gbit/s Ethernet
  • RTSP (real time streaming protocol) - video surveillance enabled for H.264
  • PC internet intercom system includes free of charge video softphone apps:
    • iOS version of video softphone app for iPhone/iPad
    • Android version of video softphone app
    • Windows version of video softphone app
  • IP rating 44
  • Optional integrated RFID access control reader with time & attendance SW
  • 125kHz reader (EM Marin and HID Proximity technologies)
  • Optional snapshots / images storing - events recording
  • Optional centralized management of the access control system via TCP/IP or RS485
  • Optional WEIGAND interface
  • HID or EM-MARIN proximity cards, 125kHz
  • tested with Snom, Grandstream, Yealink, Panasonic, Polycom IP phones
  • Two 16-digit numbers (IP address) with each button
  • Day/night switching
  • Possibility of the call extension by * or # choice
  • Possible to connect two independent locks for door opening
  • Possible use of 5 switch modes (e.g. camera, lighting, gradual opening)
  • Two codes for hanging up the guard from telephone
  • Two codes for door opening from telephone
  • Six code locks (password from buttons at the door)
  • Integrated heating of printed circuit
  • Permanent lighting through visiting cards
  • Built-in colour camera, angle of camera can be changed by approx. 15%
  • upwards/downwards
  • Ethernet – 10/100Mb with standard 10BaseT and 100BaseTx
  • Web server for remote configuration – BOA
  • Software for Internet telephony (VoIP) – Linphone
  • Operating system – Linux 2.6
  • USB for connection camera
    • USB guest 1.1
    • Software GSPCA software for video transmission to the browsers in PC – W3CAM (J-PEG, RTSP Stream)
  • SIP connection
    • P2P
    • PBX network system
  • WEB
    • Firmware upgradeable
    • Interface for control and setup parameters


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