Sangoma Vega 400G (120 VoIP channels)

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Sangoma Vega 400G (120 VoIP channels)

to bramka VoIP 4x E1/T1.


Gwarancja: 12 miesięcy

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Sangoma Vega 400G Quad E1/T1 Digital Gateway

Easily connect digital telephony equipment to IP networks with the all new Vega 400G, 4 T1/E1, failover VoIP Gateway


Sangoma Vega 400G Quad E1/T1 Digital Gateway Overview

Choose the right license for your business requirements now: 30, 60, 90 or 120 simultaneous voice calls and expand it later to meet your growing business needs with a quick and easy license upgrade.

Sangoma's next generation Vega VoIP gateways are the easiest to provision on the market. It's a SNAP with the Sangoma Network Appliance Provisioning (SNAP) tool. Keep the configuration of existing equipment; the Vega 400G delivers flexibility and choice when it comes to call routing. Each T1/E1 interface can be setup to connect to a network or a terminal side – e.g. directly to the PSTN or straight to your PBX.

In the event of a WAN failure, IP phones behind the gateway can continue to call each other, be routed to a backup switch or connect directly to the PSTN. Plus, the Vega 400G comes complete with a pin switching and set of bypass T1/E1 connectors that don't rely on crossover cables. The next generation 400G is perfect for redundancy or failover scenarios.


Sangoma Vega 400G Quad E1/T1 Digital Gateway Features and Functions:

  • Flexible configurations from 30–120 VoIP calls
  • Supports dual gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Local survivability
  • Voice, FAX and modem support
  • Flexible call routing for fallback and least cost routing
  • Emergency PSTN backup
  • Interoperability with a wide range of legacy and IP equipment
  • Call Quality
  • Dial Planner with sophisticated call routing capabilities, standalone or gatekeeper/proxy integration
  • Qualified for Lync 2013


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